Working with SSH servers
easy and comfortable
when you're on the go.

Execute commands

Execute commands
with a single tap

  • Execute on multiple hosts simultaneously
  • Manage your commands
  • Sort them into Groups
  • Add predefined Commands from the Shell Script Library
  • Show the result automatically when finished

View and export
command results and shell logs

  • Automatically saves Results and Logs
  • Colored output (if supported by server)
  • Export to Mail or other apps
View and export command results and shell logs
Manage hosts

Manage hosts

  • All details at a glance
  • Public Key authentication
  • Password authentication
  • Private/Public Key import from iTunes or other apps

Browse files and folders

  • File Browser experience
  • View files
  • Export files
Browse files and folders


  • Primitive Shell
  • Arrow Keys, Tab & Ctrl
  • Colored output
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